Mainly used in building for translucent cladding or roofing, alveolar Polycarbonate proves its quality every day with respect to the thousands of m² already laid. Manufactured from the same resins as rigid Polycarbonate, the alveolar version has the same main qualities: lightness and solidity.

Designed for exterior applications, alveolar Polycarbonate is treated with UV protection on both sides; however, it is also present for interior applications for separations, protections or insulation.

These good thermal and acoustic insulation properties and the large size of its main standard format allow it to meet the most diverse demands.

Main characteristics of alveolar Polycarbonate:

  • lightness
  • good thermal insulation
  • good acoustic insulation
  • good mechanical strength
  • good shock restistance
  • high deformation temperature under load
  • high light transmission
  • good weather resistance




SIZE (mm)

4.5 ; 6 ; 10 ; 16

7000 X 2100


7000 X 1250


7000 X 1200

Standard color : colorless.
Other existing colors : diffusing white, smoked.

Available in version : grained appearance, Venetian decor, anti heat, reflective.