Main brands : Kömatex®, Coplast, Forex®

Ideal "one-size-fits-all" material, the foam PVC is mainly used in both inside and outside signage. Its regular cell surface is ideal for printing, lacquering and laminating. Originally, PVC foam is mainly used in the advertising sector (signs, signs and displays) and in the building (interior fittings, stands), but these specific properties, in particular its lightness and low cost, make it a popular material for industrial applications.

The machining of the PVC foam sheets is very easy and economical. The plates are rigid and can be drilled and screwed in without flaking. Thanks to its excellent weather resistance, white PVC foam sheets are ideal for outdoor applications.

In cases where it is desired to fasten PVC foam panels, it should be known that due to the material used, namely thermoplastic PVC, the length variation of the thermally PVC  foam sheets is greater than that of the materials made of wood or metal. It is therefore advisable to always leave a sufficient amount of expansion.

PVC foam does not require special precautions for storage. Care should always be taken to store the PVC foam sheets dry and on a flat support in rooms where the temperature varies between 15 and 20 ° C.

Main characteristics of PVC foam :

  • low cost
  • low thermal conductivity
  • good insulating power
  • easy to stick
  • resistance to chemical and corrosive agents
  • thermoformable
  • classified fire M1 (depending on the marks)
  • easy to print (silkscreen, digital printing ...)
  • low water absorption
  • weather resistant




SIZE (mm)

1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 8 ; 10

2440 X 1220 ; 3050 X 1220 ; 3050 X 1560 ; 3050 x 2030

10 ; 13 ; 15 ; 19 ; 24 ; 30

3000 X 1250 ; 3000 X 1560

Standard color : white.

Other existing colors : bleu, green, yellow, black, red, grey (only in thickness 3, 5 et 6 mm).

Available in version : matt, smooth, shiny.