trespa athlonTrespa Athlon, for impact resistance

The homogeneity and density of the core, combined with a decorative surface based on melamine resins, give the Trespa Athlon panels exceptional impact resistance. This is the best proof of everyday experience, for example the use of panels such as wall coverings or sanitary cabins in public spaces exposed to shocks or as wall protections for hospital corridors.

Scratching and abrasion resistance

Thanks to its high resistance to scratching, Trespa Athlon retains its remarkable properties for a long time, even after intensive use. Its excellent resistance to abrasion makes it perfectly suited to intensive use and frequent maintenance. Trespa Athlon is widely used for office and laboratory work surfaces.

Moisture resistance

Trespa Athlon is insensitive to moisture, mold and rot resistant. The surface and core of Trespa Athlon are manufactured with specific thermosetting resins that make them perfectly waterproof. The dimensional variations and machining properties of Trespa Athlon are comparable to those of hardwood.

Excellent fire resistance

Trespa Athlon resists heat. Extremely dense, Trespa Athlon ignites only at relatively high temperatures, its carbonization being similar to that of hardwood.

The material does not melt, drip, explode under flames and remains stable for a long time. Test organisms around the world have awarded Trespa Athlon FR (flame retardant quality) the most favorable combustion class. The choice of standard quality or flame retarded quality (FR) of the panels depends on the nature and destination of the building. The regulations in force must be observed.

A complete range of products

Trespa Athlon is available in 50 colors, three sizes: 3650 x 1860 mm; 3050 x 1530 mm; 2550 x 1860 mm and in four standard thicknesses: 6, 8, 10 and 13 mm. The Trespa Athlon range is available in two qualities: standard with black core and flame retardant grade M1 and F1 with brown core.

Trespa also offers Trespa Athlon corner elements that meet the same quality requirements as Trespa Athlon plan panels.

Trespa Athlon panels can be fixed in different systems: invisible, semi-visible and visible.