trespa meteonTrespa Meteon, for outdoor applications

Trespa Meteon is a flat panel made of thermosetting resins homogeneously reinforced by wood fibers manufactured under high pressure at high temperature.Thanks to a colored technique, the panels have a decorative surface based on pigmented resins, ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications.

Unique properties

Thanks to EBC (Electron Beam Curing) technology, Trespa Meteon panels are exceptionally weather resistant. They are insensitive to rain, sun, moisture and climatic variations. UV resistance and color stability are remarkable.

Elasticity, combined with flexural strength, ensures high impact strength for Trespa Meteon panels. The non-porous surface structure of the panels prevents dirt and dirt from adhering and facilitates the maintenance of Trespa Meteon panels.

The panels exhibit excellent fire behavior: the material does not melt, drip, explode under flames and remains stable for a long time.

Trespa Meteon is easy to maintain. Surfaces and edges do not require any additional special treatment (paint, protective layer, ...).

Designed for outdoor applications

Facade cladding : Trespa panels are particularly suitable for the construction of ventilated cladding for new or rehabilitated buildings.

Acroteres and headbands : The durability and ease of maintenance of the Trespa Meteon panels naturally make them suitable for the dressing of acroteres and sub-faces.

Awnings : The wide range of colors and the ease of implementation are often the determining criteria in the choice of Trespa Meteon for the awning covering. 

Balcony railing and separating filling : Trespa Meteon is particularly suitable for applications where the aesthetics must be coupled with a high resistance to shocks.

Urban furniture : Thanks to its ease of maintenance and high resistance to shocks, Trespa Meteon is the ideal material for the creation of shelters, kiosks and all types of street furniture, often exposed to vandalism and graffiti.

Sandwich panels : Trespa Meteon provides insulating sandwich panels with good mechanical performance and a wide range of colors.

A complete range of products

Trespa Meteon is available in 50 colors, three formats: 3650 x 1860 mm; 3050 x 1530 mm; 2550 x 1860 mm and in four standard thicknesses: 6, 8, 10 and 13 mm. The Trespa Meteon range is available in two grades: standard with black core and flame retardant grade M1 and F1 with brown core.

Trespa also offers Trespa Meteon corner elements that meet the same quality requirements as Trespa Meteon panels.

Trespa Meteon panels can be fixed in different systems: invisible, semi-visible and visible fixing.