trespa virtuonTrespa Virtuon, practical and design

Trespa Virtuon panels are manufactured by electron beam curing (EBC), an exclusive technology patented by Trespa International, which provides very easy maintenance surfaces. Trespa Virtuon panels remain free from stains for years, even in the most challenging environments. In addition, Trespa Virtuon offers great freedom of creation thanks to its wide range of colors, metallic finishes and textures.

Clean, quick and safe

The Trespa Virtuon panels were subjected to a series of tests carried out by renowned organizations. These tests show that the non-porous surface of the Trespa Virtuon panels makes them easy to clean and disinfect. As a result of our trust in the effectiveness of our surface solutions, Trespa Virtuon panels are backed by a ten-year warranty on impact resistance, moisture resistance and cleanability.

Bacteria resistant

No need of anti-bacterial additives. Trespa Virtuon panels intrinsically possess antibacterial properties that persist throughout their life cycle.

A well-designed environment

Trespa Virtuon offers architects, designers and installation companies a wide choice of brilliant colors and textures as well as special effects such as metallic colors.

Trespa Virtuon panels help create an interior that is both original and functional: Trespa Virtuon allows you to give your creations an identity of their own, through shapes and colors.

A large range of possibilities

Trespa Virtuon is available in 50 colors, three formats: 3650 x 1860 mm; 3050 x 1530 mm; 2550 x 1860 mm and in four standard thicknesses: 6, 8, 10 and 13 mm. The Trespa Virtuon range is available in two qualities: standard with black core and flame retardant grade M1 and F1 with brown core.

Trespa also offers Trespa Virtuon corner elements that meet the same quality requirements as Trespa Virtuon panels.

The Trespa Virtuon panels can be fixed in different systems: invisible, semi-visible and visible fixing.